Google News – New Search Suggestions Function

Just over a year ago Google added the search suggestion function to the main Google search engine. Google Suggestions communicates with Google and comes back with the suggestions on your chosen subject.

Google suggestions can be more effective if have a Google Account and have Web History enabled, suggestions are drawn from searches you’ve done, searches done by users all over the world, sites in our search index, and ads in our advertising network. Below is how the function looks when searching;

Google Main Search Engine Search Suggestions Function

Google add search suggestions to search function

The purpose of the search suggestion function is to give this user alternative options to their original search requirements. Following the success of this function with the main search engine, Google have now introduced the same function to Google News; below is how the function appears on the Google News UK;

Google News Search Suggestions Function

google news search suggestion function

Google News Suggestions are now offering users suggestions that are actually tailored to news-like queries. This is providing the user with a greater options of search choices and highlight keywords or stories associated to a particular subject.

    • Paul Dude average MeYouconcerned
    • October 1st, 2009

    Hi Guys. Your news is still controlled by somebody. I thought the internet would do away with controlled news/media reporting. The lack of any(ever?) Ron Paul “Google News” coverage is proof.

  1. Interesting story, did not thought reading it was going to be so awesome when I klicked at the link.

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