Bing Visual Search

Visual search will now become a feature of the Microsoft Bing Search Engine. Using the Microsoft Silverlight browser-based media player, Bing Visual Search will change the way it currently presents the images of results.

The unveiling of Bing Visual Search will give users the options of images, but will also allow you to scroll through them and refine your search by eliminating them. In order for Bing Visual Search to successfully run on the Bing search engine users must first download and install the Microsoft Silverlight player.
The ideal of Visual Search is not new, with Bing and Google currently using the process, however, the difference with Microsoft Visual Search is how the images are presented to the users. Below is a video demonstration on how Microsoft Bing Visual Search will look.

Microsoft Bing is now embracing that visuals are a core element is users search behaviours. Microsoft has decided to focus on core groups such as travel and shopping, and have targeted specific domains. Microsoft Bing Visual Search is only now in its Beta stage, with no official date of when it will become available. However, inside word from Microsoft is clear that this is only the beginning in a new wave of new developments from Microsoft as they look to break the online dominance of Google.

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