Google Caffiene – Matt Cutts Explains

Google Caffeine has now been open to the public for a number of months now, with Google allowing users to test the new developments to the search engine and provide feedback.

For those that don’t know “Google Caffeine” as it has become known is the next-generation architecture for Google’s web search. In the biggest Google upgrade since the early 2000’s the new change to the algorithm will increase indexing speed, accuracy, and overall comprehensiveness. Perhaps more significantly is that although the algorithm will change the look and feel of Google will remain the same. Regular users probably won’t notice significant changes, but comparisons sites have been created for users to understand how the algorithm could potential evaluate pages.

Initial feedback has been positive, however, one the fundamental question remains, will the new changes to the algorithm have an impact on rankings? At a recent SEO event in the USA, Matt Cutts at Google, caught with WebProNews to answer those remaining concerns about the algorithm upgrade;

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