Google Anchor added to search snippet

Google has announced on its blog that it has added anchor links into some search results to assist users in finding what they are looking within a complex query.

The new anchor feature lets users jump straight to the relevant content, this is specifically helpful for users that searching through large volumes of content on a page. According to Google, they “have enhanced the search snipped with two new features that make it easier to find information buried deep within a page”

Google Snippet Anchor
Google Anchor

There are links to specific sections within a page containing subtopics about a given query punched into the Google search page. The deep links are generated “completely algorithmically” said Google on its webmaster central blog.

Google was quick to point out that the snippet links were not paid, and could not be bought. Instead they will appear organically and depending on whether Google sees that the link would benefit the information. The Official Google Blog outlines, key factors to obtaining the snippet links in your search result.

An interesting aspect to this function is will Google adapt it to all search results, watch this space.

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