Google Hot Trends Integrated into Seach Results

With the ongoing excitement around real time search, Google are now hitting back at Twitter with “Hot Trends” information now available within the regular Google search results.

Google will now show subjects or keywords deemed to be Hot” in search popularity will be shown in a Hot Trends OneBox at the bottom of a search page.


Director of product management RJ Pittman at Google stated “The idea behind the [Hot Trends] OneBox is to not only provide you with search results as you’d want but also extra meta data on how popular the search is and whether it has peaked in interest, plus the number of sites that are creating chatter and buzz about this particular topic or person, to give a relative hotness rating as well”

Google is offering users the opportunity to access more detail on the particular subject. At present this is only being offered in the USA and Japan. Hot Trends is a product brought by Google to highlight the hottest searches on an hourly basis. Today I looked at todays hottest trends in USA; the top searched topic has been Elizabeth Blackburn.


Once I click through to her name, I can then see everything related to her via web results, the results include blogs, news information and other web results. The reason for her hot search is she recently won the noble prize.

So Why bring Hot Trends into regular Google search results? Pittman said it’s due to the “growth and popularity of real time information.” Places like Twitter allow people to tweet or microblog information within seconds, causing others to turn to them to discover the latest trend in news and current events.
Google now realises that it can utilise its great source of microblogged content itself, what people put into the Google search box; “Trends is all based on a different kind of tweet. Instead of the 140 character tweet, it’s the 20 to 25 character tweet, the keyword search. And those come in much faster than tweets do. In our view, that’s the highest fidelity information for trending topics,” Pittman said.

As for Google Hot Trends — watch this space for more, says Google. “Trends are becoming more relevant than ever. I think this is just the beginning of our efforts in this area,” said Pittman.

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