Google Xistence – making your life easier one app at a time

Was the last time you tweeted before Christmas? Have your blog posts got lost in the post? Can you no longer face Facebook? All that virtual socialising seems like such a chore once the novelty has worn off.  But have no fear, those helpful chaps and chapesses at Google have come up with Google Xistence – the answer to your prayers.  Now you can lead a full and complete virtual life, virtually.

A tremendous parody, Google Xistence claims it will post updates for you, make friends, tweet and take all the pressure out of being someone. Now you can play Warcraft, watch endless HBO box sets and generally footer with impunity, knowing your virtual self is in safe and ubiquitous hands.

Apparently Google wasn’t hugely entertained by this insightful bit of nonsense – the site has been added to their official phishing sites for Firefox and Chrome. Maybe they need to launch GoogleSenseofHumour©

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