Gmail Introducing a new feature?

Google is about drive another of its products in the realm of social media.   Gmail will soon be evolving into a content and status update tool for you and your friends.     It has been rumoured that these features are due to be implemented onto the product soon, with announcements imminent.

The biggest anticipation will be around, will the new feature target Google owned products such as YouTube, or be opened out to popular social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Gmail has been primarily based around email contacts, Gmail saves all email contactsinto a contact list to enable functions such as Gmail chat; what the key issue here will be how will Google develop that relationship between your email contacts and those you actually want to share your status timeline with?    The world of social media waits anxiously for the official announcement from Google until then everything is guesswork, however with Google driving one of its biggest products, this new feature is expected not to disappoint.

Julie Ferguson Organic Search

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