New Campaign for NHS Central Sexual Healthy

Targeted at gay and straight communities to raise awareness of sexual health matters. Integrated campaign across Gaydar, Bebo, facebook – display ads, content ads, quizzes and forum participation.

Sample of the display ads below – note we can only upload gif files, not swf files to the blog. Flash version allows think bubbles to be interactive with different questions. Holly Nelson is the account director managing this work.

Central Sexual Health campaign for NHS Forth Valley by Perfect Storm

Central Sexual Health campaign for NHS Forth Valley by Perfect Storm

Ad click throughs are directed to the main NHS Central Sexual Health site which is here

NHS Central Sexual Health campaign from Perfect Storm

Yahoo! Drop Meta Keyword Tag

Yahoo! has officially announced dropping the meta keyword tag from its search relevance. For a long period of time, Yahoo! have been the only search engine to pay attention to the tag, however now it seems like that is no longer the case.

The recent development came to light at the recent SMX in New York, with senior director of search for Yahoo! Cris Pierry announcing that the meta keyword tag had been dropped several months ago with no announcement from Yahoo!

This marks the end of an era for Yahoo! who had been the one search engine to speak in favour of the meta keyword tag. Bing does not support the tag and Google has repeatedly revealed that they have never supported the tag despite common misconceptions that they did.

Google Barcode Logo – Google Doodle

Google has today launched another Google logo today to celebrate the 57th anniversary of the bar code patent on October 7, 1952.

Google Barcode

The Google logo shows the typical representation of a barcode that we see in everyday life. The barcode logo is another mark of celebration from Google through what has become known as “Google Doodles”. The most recent Google Doodle was to celebrate the anniversary of HJ Wells death, through several cryptic clues surrounding his classic book “War of the Worlds”.

We wait for the next in Google’s ever changing logos.

Gmail Security Breach – First Hotmail now Google

First Hotmail, now Google has confirmed that its own email system Gmail has been targeted as part of an “industry-wide phishing scheme”.

It is believed that up to 30,000 accounts have been breached, with passwords and log-in details appearing online.

Google have responded “We recently became aware of an industry-wide phishing scheme through which hackers gained user credentials for web-based mail accounts including Gmail accounts,” said a Google spokesperson.

“As soon as we learned of the attack, we forced password resets on the affected accounts. We will continue to force password resets on additional accounts when we become aware of them.”

The phishing attack is not a direct on attack on specifically Gmail or Hotmail, the attack is however, luring unaware account users into revealing passwords to emails, bank accounts and other sensitive information.

The phishing attack has now been very much recognised by the entire online industry and heavyweight players such as Google and Hotmail are reacting, by safeguard their users’ accounts.

Both spokesman from Microsoft and Google are advising users that fear their accounts have been breached to change all personal log-in details.

Watch this space for further industry feedback and announcements.

Hotmail Security Breach – Passwords Hacked

Hotmail have suffered a security breach with thousands of hotmail passwords being hacked and posted online. Microsoft has reacted to the situation by launching a thorough investigation.

An estimated 10,000 accounts have had their passwords posted on an online blog, with the same blog indicating that the accounts had been hacked via a phishing scheme. Phishing is the attempt to extract personal details such as bank accounts, log-ins and passwords.

The passwords are believed to be posted, popular with the website community for sharing website source code. Although now removed it is believed that the details were accessible online for a few days.

Microsoft stated “been made aware of the claims that Windows Live IDs and passwords have been made available on the web”.

“We’re actively investigating the situation and will take appropriate steps as rapidly as possible,” a spokesperson said.

Microsoft have instructed users that feel threatened by the breach to change passwords or log-ins if they have revealed them to unknown sources in the last 7 days.

Perfect Storm will update with further information, watch this space.

Google Hot Trends Integrated into Seach Results

With the ongoing excitement around real time search, Google are now hitting back at Twitter with “Hot Trends” information now available within the regular Google search results.

Google will now show subjects or keywords deemed to be Hot” in search popularity will be shown in a Hot Trends OneBox at the bottom of a search page.


Director of product management RJ Pittman at Google stated “The idea behind the [Hot Trends] OneBox is to not only provide you with search results as you’d want but also extra meta data on how popular the search is and whether it has peaked in interest, plus the number of sites that are creating chatter and buzz about this particular topic or person, to give a relative hotness rating as well”

Google is offering users the opportunity to access more detail on the particular subject. At present this is only being offered in the USA and Japan. Hot Trends is a product brought by Google to highlight the hottest searches on an hourly basis. Today I looked at todays hottest trends in USA; the top searched topic has been Elizabeth Blackburn.


Once I click through to her name, I can then see everything related to her via web results, the results include blogs, news information and other web results. The reason for her hot search is she recently won the noble prize.

So Why bring Hot Trends into regular Google search results? Pittman said it’s due to the “growth and popularity of real time information.” Places like Twitter allow people to tweet or microblog information within seconds, causing others to turn to them to discover the latest trend in news and current events.
Google now realises that it can utilise its great source of microblogged content itself, what people put into the Google search box; “Trends is all based on a different kind of tweet. Instead of the 140 character tweet, it’s the 20 to 25 character tweet, the keyword search. And those come in much faster than tweets do. In our view, that’s the highest fidelity information for trending topics,” Pittman said.

As for Google Hot Trends — watch this space for more, says Google. “Trends are becoming more relevant than ever. I think this is just the beginning of our efforts in this area,” said Pittman.

Ukraine v England Broadcasting Online Only

For the first time ever in the UK an international football game will only be available online. The forthcoming Ukraine v England game will only be available to internet users and will not be shown on television. The unusual move comes following the collapse of Setanta TV, who had original deal to show the game. Following their collapse the Ukrainian Football Association agreed a deal with online TV streaming company Kentaro after traditional broadcasters refused to pay the fees requested. The result is that no television footage will be shown anywhere in the world, the only way to view Ukraine v England is to subscribe to it online for a fee.

The organisers have set up a special domain where viewers can subscribe via Paypal or electronic payment methods. The cost of watching the game is £4.99 if viewers sign up before midnight on Wednesday Charges will rise to £9.99 for those who subscribe on Thursday and Friday, and £11.99 on Saturday.

The move to online is significant and testament to the rise in the online dominance, however by screening the game solely online, a large proportion of england fans could be potentially alienated and miss out on the game. Whilst it does offer a new opportunity for online streaming company’s, the quality of the streaming could be an issue, an official spokesperson for Kentaro advised that the company would only “take a maximum of one million subscribers for the match, to ensure an optimal output for streaming” This would equate to around 2.5 million viewers throughout the UK, considerably lower that what would be for traditional television.

The Ukraine V England game could mark the future of broadcasting of sport in UK, however, its success will be dependent on the success of this game and how it is accept by football fans.

Google Anchor added to search snippet

Google has announced on its blog that it has added anchor links into some search results to assist users in finding what they are looking within a complex query.

The new anchor feature lets users jump straight to the relevant content, this is specifically helpful for users that searching through large volumes of content on a page. According to Google, they “have enhanced the search snipped with two new features that make it easier to find information buried deep within a page”

Google Snippet Anchor
Google Anchor

There are links to specific sections within a page containing subtopics about a given query punched into the Google search page. The deep links are generated “completely algorithmically” said Google on its webmaster central blog.

Google was quick to point out that the snippet links were not paid, and could not be bought. Instead they will appear organically and depending on whether Google sees that the link would benefit the information. The Official Google Blog outlines, key factors to obtaining the snippet links in your search result.

An interesting aspect to this function is will Google adapt it to all search results, watch this space.

Supporting Scottish Ballet

Perfect Storm is proud to continue to sponsor dancer Vassilissa Levtonova. Storm ID and Perfect Storm have had a relationship with Scottish Ballet for 2 years, with PS delivering in-kind digital marketing projects. Storm ID created the site at:

Vassilissa Levtonova, sponsored by Perfect Storm

Shooting new ICS Bebo campaign today

Holly from Perfect Storm and Steven from ICS have been in Bournemouth today with Bebo shooting a brand new campaign due to launch next week. It’s all top secret, but will be a fully integrated online campaign. Watch this space for further info. Here are some of Holly’s pics taken over the course of the day….

Perfect Storm Bebo Campaign Shoot

Perfect Storm Bebo Campaign Shoot

Perfect Storm Bebo Shoot in Bournemouth

Perfect Storm Bebo Shoot in Bournemouth

ICS Student on Bebo shoot