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“Going Google” – Google on the Offensive

Google have hit back at Microsoft with the new announcement of “Going Google”. This is the latest twist in the ongoing battle for computing domination between Google and Microsoft. “Going Goggle” is a new promotional campaign from Google targeting business users to switch from Microsoft Office to Google Online Apps.

Google announced the new campaign on their official blog and have targeted specific functions of Microsoft that cannot compete with Google Apps, functions such as cloud computing. With the launch Microsoft’s own version of a cloud app a long way off, Google have reacted in a bid to lure MS business users to Google Apps.

Google online apps currently command over 1.5 worldwide business users, although this is minuscule in comparison to Microsoft’s large business user base. Google hopes to be able to encourage users to switch over with targeted promotional campaigns across offline and online channels.

“Going Google Campaign”

Each day “Going Google” will launch billboard messages across highways in San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Boston, each message will be different displaying the Google Apps messages; this is expected to run over a 4 week period. As well as offline, viral online campaigns are also key with the Google Blog offering the users the opportunity to “tweet their story”, the tweet already carries an auto-populated #gonegoogle hashtag. This is just one of the various activities Google are promoting, with even the offer of free “Google Goodies” when business users complete the switch over or spread the word.

Google are so serious about their new campaign that they are now launching “Going Google” website, where business employees can access fliers and emails to spread the word and encourage employers to initiate the switch over.

“Going Google” – Success or Failure”

Google are using opinion to drive the “Going Google” campaign and this is to their advantage as they are once again creating an online stir. Google are simply highlighting all the functions that businesses want from their applications; low cost, efficiency and accessibility. With this, they are aggressively targeting the flaws of Microsoft products and enforcing the strengths of the Google Products.

At this stage it’s difficult to estimate what the success of the campaign will be, but it is clear that Google will continue to promote and battle for online supremacy. Already in full swing the Google PR machine will continue to rage on with new and innovate campaigns targeting the flaws of Microsoft and I can see this one raging on until Google has in fact convinced the worlds business users to “Go Google”.