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Shooting new ICS Bebo campaign today

Holly from Perfect Storm and Steven from ICS have been in Bournemouth today with Bebo shooting a brand new campaign due to launch next week. It’s all top secret, but will be a fully integrated online campaign. Watch this space for further info. Here are some of Holly’s pics taken over the course of the day….

Perfect Storm Bebo Campaign Shoot

Perfect Storm Bebo Campaign Shoot

Perfect Storm Bebo Shoot in Bournemouth

Perfect Storm Bebo Shoot in Bournemouth

ICS Student on Bebo shoot

Scramble for University places

The search for that final place at University is really hotting up. Latest figures report that 14 students are chasing every one degree place available. The Govermnent only funded 10,000 additional places in Science and Maths courses which has come under great criticism. Not enough many say.

So what are the options for those students unable to get that place? One of our most favourite clients, ICS (and one of the largest provider of distance learning in the World) offer a whole range of distance learning courses including degrees. The Autumn campaigns that we are running at present across a whole selection of online channels for them, really focus on the benefits that distance learning can offer. From resitting Alevels and GCSE’s to actually gaining a degree.

Especially at this time, where student further eduction places are in short supply, distance learning really is a serious alternative. The ability to perhaps generate an income and be able to fit in study too, with the support of online tutors and a student community is an attractive proposition. And there are thousands who have done it and moved on to successful careers.

I don’t think if I hadn’t got the grades I needed for Uni, I would have even been aware of distance learning as an alternative option. It really is for many now.

Test yourself – latest Daily Mail interactive campaign: