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Haggis all around!

Look out for lovely Macsween online ads starting in January 2010.  We will add some on here to give you a sneaky peak befor they go live.

We just love working with the World’s best haggis! If you’ve not already tasted the new 1 minute haggis – get on the site and you could win yourself a week’s supply. Check out the recipes on there too.  We’ve just updated the pages with some new content so lots to see.

Haggis instead of turkey on Christmas day – now there’s a thought………

Macween 1 minute haggis

Macsween launch haggis in a minute!

Our new client Macsween Haggis today launched a new sliced, microwavable version of their famous tasty haggis. Same taste, same haggis, but now available in packs of 2 slices which are steam cooked in revolutionary new packaging… the microwave in just 1 minute!
Now you just can’t beat that can you? If you head along to BBC Good Food this weekend in Glasgow, you can taste for yourself at the Macsween stand, number SP7.
Look out for a range of online campaigns going live in the next few weeks across facebook, search and other social media platforms.
What a delicious product to be promoting. And do you know how to make haggis nachos? No? Find out here: