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Google Store – Google Official Merchandising

So Google have pretty much dominated everything online for the past decade, so what next for the technology giant, well how about online retail. Yes that’s right online retail, introducing the Google Store. Google Store is Google’s attempt at selling their Google branded merchandise online.

Although the site has officially been around for a few years, Google have not actively promoted it online, with only a few direct links existing to it, one being the Google About us page. The Google store sells everything for the Google seeking consumer, including branded notebooks, pens, bags and t-shirts. Google have also opened up Google Store to other Google products, with access to YouTube Official Merchandising, again offering a full range of branded merchandising to online retailers.

In launching such a store Google are ensuring that consumers are still absorbing their products and their brand, such is the affiliation with online and Google, consumers are actively seeking branded products. Google are simply ensuring that consumers go direct to them rather than use “unofficial suppliers” of branded materials. How significant and indeed successful will this be to Google remains to be seen, however in the ongoing war between Google and Microsoft, Microsoft have recently purchased, so the online world are bracing themselves for yet another tit-for-tat exchange between the two biggest players in online.